Food wastage vs. food starving

In parts of India or for that matter anywhere in the world people suffer from starvation due to lack of food. In such a scenario where millions of people do not get enough food to eat, “food wastage” is totally uncalled for. As more and more people are moving away from agriculture in search of rewarding jobs in the cities, there is a threat of food crisis. In India, on one hand there are regions where people are dying of starvation, on the other hand there is also lavish weddings where food wastage is rampant. Such food waste only adds to the worries.


Foods in any kind, raw or cooked, used or unused or surplus are at the risk of being wasted.

Foods in any kind, raw or cooked, used or unused or surplus are at the risk of being wasted. Food waste can have enormous economic and social impact on the populous countries of the world. There are many factors responsible for food wastage. However chief factors of food waste are: lack of post-harvest infrastructure, transportation and proper storage facilities.


Nevertheless, there are ways to tackle food wastage. Systematic and planned methods by the government and private firms can go in a long way to solve the food crisis. Also if there is a huge quantity of foods which are wasted it can be used for feeding animals or be biodegraded. This can be done by way of composting and also can be used for soil enrichment. A food processing industry can also go a long way in tackling food wastage. The government can also plan out schemes for financial assistance in order to develop food processing industry. It has also been observed that in the medium and high-income countries much of the food is wasted at the consumption stage. Large quantities of food are discarded even if it is fitting for consumption.


There are lots of methods by which food waste can be solved. One of the easiest ways is to pick up groceries that would last a week or so while going for grocery shopping. By this way, you are not throwing the food into the bin once you find that food is surplus and even if you fall short of food you can always go to the grocery to buy the needful. By this way you are also contributing by reducing the amount of food wasted.


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