Mounting problems in Pakistan

What is the basic responsibility of a responsible Government? The answer is simple: To provide uninterrupted basic facilities to the people of its nation. But when this basic necessity is not provided by the Government it is the poor people who have to suffer. Similar is the case with the deprived people of Pakistan.

Petrol shortage has resulted in a crisis situation for the people of Pakistan.

Pakistanis have been facing power cut which has made their life miserable. Now adding to this woe, is the shortage of petrol. Petrol shortage has resulted in a crisis situation for the people of Pakistan. The scene in the filling stations of several big and small cities of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir (Pakistan-administered Kashmir) is appalling where people are seen queuing up and brawling for a few liters of gases. The gas stations in various places like Karachi, Lahore and Muzaffarabad remain closed and also vehicles pile up there to be able to get a few liters of gas. In this scenario, there have emerged a group of profiteers who are taking advantage of the situation by selling gas in black. They are charging a lofty amount for this.

This situation has put the pressure on the public transport system. The taxi and rickshaw drivers are getting unemployed. It has also affected the transportation of vegetables, fruits and other edible items. This is adding to the increasing price rise and it’s going beyond the reach of common people.

It has now become the utmost necessity for the Government to focus on its commitment and resolve the basic problems of the people. The Government must focus its attention to bring out the nation from the challenges it is facing.

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