Zimbabwe Not Prepared for Floods

Zimbabwe has come under criticism of worst disaster preparedness. Last year, floods swept away thousands of tones of grains and schools and villages were also washed away.  Lots of livestock and grains were lost in the process. This disaster highlights the plight of thousands of villagers who remain victims of natural disasters. There were conflicting weather reports which created difficult for the villagers to prepare for the disaster.

Zimbabwe has come under criticism of worst disaster preparedness.

There is a lack of adequate expertise and also there is lack of resources. This scarce in resources have failed to assist people in floods due to lack of helicopters etc. Authorities are also telling that the communities must be told in such cases as in floods to move to higher ground when they already know that there is possibility of flood.  In this situation, the communities often find themselves in the middle at the center of rising waters.

The reliability of weather forecast is doubtful. Most of the time, the villagers are not prepared for heavy downpour. In such a scenario, the threat of rain destroying the homes of millions of villagers looms large. The conflicting weather reports have put the villagers in a confusing situation as they do not know any longer when the rains would fall and how bad it would be.



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