Spain migrant crisis and the unemployment

Latin American migrants in large numbers are going back to their native place. This is not something normal. These people are finding it hard to pay their monthly rent payments and this is happening because of an upsurge in unemployment. More and more migrants are leaving Spain. This trend only indicates the grim economic crisis that this country is facing. Not only Spain but the rest of the European Union is also feeling the brunt of the situation.

Latin American migrants in large numbers are going back to their native place

Statistics show that, there is a decrease in the number of Ecuadorean and Bolivian people living in the southern city of Malaga. Due to unemployment, which stands at 21percent now, immigrants from Ecuador, Bolivia and Columbia are suffering, they are the ones who have mostly felt the burden. These people mostly work in construction sites or they are engaged in hotel trade. Now they are finding themselves in turmoil due to a combination of social, political and psychological circumstances.

Even if the migrant workers do stay back, they earn less money compared to the toil they do. This situation is not conducive to them and they prefer to return to their native place. They are also most inclined to take the step of returning back to their place of origin because of The Voluntary return Plan. According to this plan, lawfully inhabitant unemployed immigrants can receive in advance the entire unemployment benefits in case they decide to return back to their place. Also their social security contributions made in Spain can be transferred to the system in their native place. This will help them to calculate their future pensions.


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