Global Dimming and it effects

We all have heard about Global warming and its effects on the earth. However, there is also a lesser known phenomenon which is equally hurting the Mother Earth-Global Dimming!  Since the start of the industrial revolution, industry and transport are emitting airborne particles to the air. These minute particles reflect the sun’s temperature back out to space. This allows less sunlight to reach the planet’s surface.

Though global dimming is a lesser known phenomenon but it s also affecting the Earth the same way as Global Warming is affecting.

However, aerosols which are emitted from natural sources such as desert sands, sea-salt spray, wildfires and volcanoes are good for the Earth since they have a cooling effect on the planet. Though global dimming is a lesser known phenomenon but it s also affecting the Earth the same way as Global Warming is affecting. There are many factors responsible for this phenomenon such as the burning of fossil fuel by industry and internal combustion engine. The carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere and this in turn accumulates and traps the sun’s heat within our atmosphere. This emits the pollution caused by sculpture dioxide, soot and ash. Upon entering the atmosphere, these particulars suck up solar energy reflect sunlight back into space.

The pollutants are changing the properties of clouds. It is responsible for creation of ‘brown clouds’ These ‘brown clouds’ are responsible for less rainfall. Global Dimming is the cause of many problems faced by countries such as the drought in Ethiopia in the 1970s and 80s where millions of people lost their lives. This happened due to the less then warm ocean condition of northern hemisphere which restricted the rain formation. However, global dimming is also helping our Earth as it is not allowing the global warming to show its true power. Therefore, green house gas emissions must be tackled prior to attacking the global dimming-causing pollutants. Unless it is tackled human health and ecological disasters are at greater risk of destruction.


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  1. How can we cure and preserve our natural and industrial environments anywhere in the world at the current juncture of human civilization on the Earth?

    I-1] High Tech Mineral Applications= HMA (KOO) has been derived from his dedicated geoscientific technological work for some 50 years on all kinds of “natural minerals”.

    HMA(KOO) has been using the two words “natural minerals”, simply natural minerals, to mean all natural materials that had been created to form the Earth.

    2]] Natural minerals had been formed not only as the constituents of the Earth.

    But also as the naturally ready-made and gifted functional materials, humankind can explore, develop and utilize responsibly and righteously on the Earth.

    Since its beginning, human industrial civilization has been thus relying heavily on natural minerals.

    It has been continuously pursuing its own advancement as closely as possible towards certain ultimate contemporary high tech edges.

    II-3]] HMA(KOO) has been relying on the inherent high tech geoscientific functional capabilities of natural minerals.

    Those capabilities originate from all the energetic subatomic, atomic and molecular compositional and structural components of individual natural minerals.

    4] Specific high tech mineralogical functionality can be characterized uniquely by the following:

    Not only each individual but also any combination of several thousand species and numerous subspecies of natural minerals known to date on the Earth.

    Consequently, all kinds of desirable high tech functional capabilities can be established almost endlessly.

    It can be done even more than enough for humankind’s current and future productive practical applications.

    III-5] The high tech functional capabilities can inherently perform simultaneously highest possible economic and holistic sustainable environmental productivity.

    Based on those natural gifted mineral capabilities, therefore, all humankind can also achieve superlative high tech industrial operations.

    They can also ensure the highest possible productive
    economic and holistic sustainable environment.

    IV-6] Nevertheless, natural minerals have never been the principal targets yet to date for those high tech, economic and environmental exploration, development and utilization.

    Rather, all primary mineral producing and higher order manufacturing operations have been focusing on their conventional targets.

    For an intense partiality rather, the targets have been stubbornly on the extraction and utilization of mainly some select minor or trace constituents of natural minerals.

    V-7] Furthermore, those operations have been consuming always terribly huge amounts of the natural minerals chosen according to the select constituents.

    They have been transforming those natural minerals largely into enormous toxic, often life-threatening environmental waste piles.

    These piles have been left widespread in numerous parts of the world on the Earth.

    VI-8] All the conventional mineral-related operations have been causing all kinds of scientific technical, economic, environmental and many other problems for a long time.

    For the past half-century in particular, they have been facing consequential troubles with many questions to answer locally, nationally or globally throughout the world.

    VII-9] Nevertheless, they have been striving hard to achieve their own styles of best possible technical economic- financial and environmental productive gains.

    In their modes, the best gains may be represented to date perhaps by the mineral operations for the metal gold.

    10] That metal has been somehow out-loudly traded up to between $1,500 and $2,000 per ounce in the global markets for some time recently.

    Although apparently somewhat high, the gain rates should be correctly understood.

    When translated, they end up corresponding at best to $500-$1,000 only per ton of natural gold-bearing minerals consumed.

    VIII-11] The gain or harvest rates per ton of natural minerals can be taken as the straightforward, yet significant, semi-quantitative productivity indicators.

    They can easily reflect the comprehensive integrated high tech, economic and environmental efficiency rates of various mineral operations.

    When compared among their figures, the gain rates can become more meaningful.

    IX12] The harvest rates of the high tech mineral applications have been estimated commonly to be an order of magnitude higher than those of gold metal operations.

    If internalizing all detailed costs in the harvest rates, furthermore, the high tech mineral applications are incomparably far superior to the conventional mineral operations.

    The comparison strongly has been urging the high tech mineral applications to replace all the conventional operations at the current juncture of the newly enlightened human civilization.

    X-13] Relying only on much less gain rates than those of gold, hardly understandably, the conventional mineral operations have been extracting merely many other minor or trace constituent metals and nonmetals from natural minerals.

    Although popularized recently so-called as the special materials of absolute high tech necessity, the rare earth elemental (REE) extract metals haven’t been any exceptions at all.

    Nevertheless, many conventional operations have been amassing continuously huge piles of REE metals despite of the shameful legacy of numerous widespread, often life-threatening gigantic pollutant piles.

    Superlatively alternative high tech, economic, and environmental natural minerals can be identified to replace the conventional REE metal extracts directly.

    XI-14] All the conventional hard landing REE metal and other partial extracts can never hamper any genuine high tech industrial developments in any countries of the world.

    No doubt, this is contrary to many conventional notions and expectations.

    XII-15] All metals and nonmetals can perform their own unique valuable functional capabilities individually and synergistically.

    However, these capabilities can be most effectively recognized and utilized when the metals and nonmetals remain intact all together within their original molecular frameworks of natural minerals.

    XIII-16] The absolute total amounts of nonrenewable natural minerals are undoubtedly limited by the definite size of the only one Earth.

    Within the limit, however, the high tech economic environmental sufficiency of natural minerals can be still fulfilled.

    17] That critical task can be achieved even for numerous generations of humankind anywhere all the time in the world.

    While using the smallest possible volumes of natural minerals, all the different species and subspecies of natural minerals can be used as much evenly as possible.

    Thses operations can be accomplished based on the powerful energetic functionality of the entire microscopic subatomic, atomic and molecular particles of any natural minerals.

    XIV-18] Natural minerals can be made available sufficiently as long as sought and used only as high tech economic environmental materials at all times throughout the world.

    Reversely, however, the same natural minerals can turn quickly to the materials of serious shortage as soon as heavily demanded conventionally.

    XV-19] Preferably, all conventional mineral industrial sectors should be advised to transform themselves henceforth without any hesitation.

    Thus, they all can emerge successfully as the principal members of new high tech industrial productive clusters locally, nationally and globally throughout the world.

    XVI-20] They have been causing all the current economic-financial turmoil to grow from their stubborn fragile, stalemate and immature productivity throughout the world.

    The turmoil has prevailed already for years throughout many important industrial operations of the world.

    XVI-21] For the past few decades, however, human civilization has been enlightened progressively enough.

    It has been seeking ways for all humankind to achieve the best possible contemporary productive and prosperous life standards in the world.

    XVII-22] Even at the current levels of mineral gold, top-notch electronic products, and energy industrial incomes, however, the conventional industrial productivity hasn’t been capable enough.

    Thus, it has not been able to serve properly all the current humankind’s new critical demands.

    They have been put forward seriously according to the urgent needs of current new human civilization.

    XVIII-23] High tech mineral applications’ alternative operations (HMA- KOO) can be ready to help improve or even replace all the conventional operations.

    All the current energy, mineral resources, information communications and all other industrial enterprises should be the targets for the alternative operations.

    These conventional mineral-related industrial market sectors together have been manipulating, often unscrupulously, almost half the Gross World Product (GWP) of about US-CAN$60 trillion.

    XIX-24] HMA(KOO)-based genuine superlative alternative high tech products can be made available readily to replace all of them.

    The new products can include, above all, genuine alternative solar natural mineral energy cells (SMEC)-panels(SMEP), light-emitting natural mineral diodes(LEMD), information-communications natural mineral applications(ICMA) and many others.

    They should remove also all the currently available only-by-name so-called alternative energy and information communications products.

    All these problematic products are immaturely technical, and wastefully uneconomic that are not too far different from the conventional products.

    They have been adding only another generation of more sophisticated, environmental damagers on top of all the existing already overflowing pollutant piles.

    Therefore, the genuine high tech prime alternative production operations must be implemented urgently at all local, national and global scales throughout the world.

    XX-25] Then, they can create numerous programs to open new high pay jobs, vitalize new highest productive economies, and establish a new fresh sustainable environment locally, nationally and globally throughout the world.

    Finally, a genuine new advanced human civilization can be established for a permanent peaceful prosperity locally, nationally and internationally throughout the entire world on the only one prolific and habitable planet, the Earth.

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