Kashmir’s battle with drugs

A decade of using drugs such as brown sugar and codeine has put youths of Kashmir to the doors of drug de-addiction centre. The people of Kashmir have suffered for two decades the fighting between the Indian army and the militants. The impact of the long-drawn clash is now showing its ugly heads. There is a drastic rise in drug abuse in the Valley. Though Kashmir was facing drug abuse before also like opium and cannabis however, at present times, people have increasingly turned to medical opiates that are illegally sold by the chemist. The problem of drug abuse has now been emerging as a real threat to the society.

There is a drastic rise in drug abuse in the Valley

Various factors are at play which force the youths to take to drugs to ease their stress. Factors such as unsuccessful relationship, failure in exam and unemployment however are the three most common grounds for the youths to get dependent on drugs. The victim’s personal problem clash with the society’s psyche which aggravate the situation and force the victim to get addicted.

Increase in the number of drug abusers can be seen from the fact that approximately 10,000 patients visit the government mental hospital per year. This number is a stark rise compared to the year 1989 when barely 2000 patients use to visit the hospital. The number of hospitals in the Valley is very less compared to the drug addicts. This delay is only pushing more patients into more drugs with no hope of recovering and guidance.


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