Security – US Closes Embassies Due to Threat: Why Is It Happening?

Security – US Closes Embassies Due to Threat: Why Is It Happening?

Reports came in for countries around the world. The US was to shutter the doors of most of its embassies. The risk is al Qaeda, who the country stated was planning to carry out some type of attack on these embassies. The embassies most impacted were those of the Middle East, North Africa, and even further. As of Sunday, the 4th of August, these embassies would close their doors in hopes of thwarting such an attack.

Britain’s Foreign Office issued a stern warning itself. It told residents that travelling to Yemen was not recommended. It warned that British citizens in Yemen should leave the country as quickly as possible, providing more anxiety and tension this week over the risks brewing in the region. An official with senior Yemeni national security informed that the government was already on a high alert against a potential risk of attack. It did not state specifically who the target was or who was behind it, but the two actions by the US and UK seemed to imply that the al Qaeda risks were at the forefront.

Improving Security

With this new potential threat and the limited information available to those individuals looking for it, it is clear that these threats seem to be ever important to national governments. Could such closing of an embassy be enough to thwart such an attack or to minimise the risk of it? That remains doubtful, but it may help to reduce some of the results of such an attack on citizens.

It must be a focused attention of these governments, not just the UK and the US, but every other country in these hotbed regions to monitor for real security risks and to take action against them. There is little doubt that such events could put not just local citizens, including children and innocent bystanders, at risk, but also put at risk people from around the world.

Security must be at the forefront when it comes to developing a strong economy and good leadership in any country. Security threats like these must remain a vigilant effort, even after groups such as al Qaeda seem to be less present or less of a risk factor. The closing of embassies may be one step, but it is far from enough to develop a safe level of day to day life in these areas. Read more:


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