Business – The Importance of Financial Security

Business – The Importance of Financial Security

Just this week, it was determined that British banks would require an additional £120 billion in order to gain security. For the average British citizen, this number is not something that even seems possible to imagine. Yet, news that banks and building societies will need to raise that amount of fresh capital is something that people are talking about and it also says something about the need to focus on leadership that is able to build a strong financial future for business development and growth.

What Could Occur

This week, various banks came forward to discuss their needs. Barclays, for example, stated that it is experiencing a £12.8 billion shortfall. Others, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are also facing these types of financial shortfalls. The need to raise this amount of capital may seem like an incredible challenge, and it is, but experts warn that it is a must to allow these banks to receive such funding just to ensure that the British banking system gains some level of security.

Why Shore Up Banks?

The need to provide funding for banks like this is not something every person believes is the right decision. Some may say to let them fall while others want to give them excessive amounts of funding and free reign with spending. However, if these banks do not receive the necessary funds required, this could amount to significant risk within the overall economy of the UK and of Europe as well.

Building Strong Leaders Means Building Financial Security

Strong leadership is necessary in a situation like this. Without it, it would be easy to simply put in place opportunities for banks to secure funding like this without any regulatory means. It is also important for leaders to be able to define the successes of such a situation as well as what it means for the businesses and consumers of this country to have this type of security.

Building economic strength is something all world leaders must do. It is not an easy process, by any means, simply because of concerns like this. However, solid leadership is the ultimate goal in helping to make this happen. Making decisions about capital shortfalls and the treatment of them will not only affect today’s citizens, but also years and years of generations of people to come after these citizens. Good world leadership is able to tackle these types of situations and overcome the risks they present.

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Food insecurity and climate change

Sustainable agriculture has become a universal concern at present times. Food security and climate change are inextricable. Therefore due to climate change and degradation of natural resources, it has become inevitable for the smallholder farmers in the global south to have sustainable agricultural resources. The annual meeting of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) was held recently pointed the same problem and the need to find a quick solution.

Food security and climate change are inextricable.

With the increase in population there is an urgent need to ensure food security. However, in its effort to find a solution for sustainable agriculture and ensure food security, environment friendly technology should be used. Therefore, climate-smart technology should be in use. In this regard, the Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Program (ASAP) is initiated which will help in assisting funds for the climate-smart and sustainable investments for the poor smallholder communities.

Food insecurity and climate change is no more a regional problem but it has become the most urgent global challenges to be solved. There are more mouths to be feed with each passing day and for that food production should be strengthened. Most importantly, this should be done in a sustainable way.

Women as Peace Negotiator

Women all over the world are fighting for gender equality and gender empowerment. Women are discriminated against everywhere and they have been victims of violence both at home and at battleground. In the year 1946, during the CSW’s (U.N. Commission on the Status of Women) inaugural meeting in London, U.S. delegate, Eleanor Roosevelt addressed all women of the world to come forward and work for peace and restoration. Also he opined that the government should encourage women to come forward to take part in national and international affairs.

Besides reeling under the burden of war, women also have to ensure family livelihoods in the midst of turmoil and destruction

Even after 66 years of that day, women are still discriminated against and they are struggling to find a place for themselves. It has been observed that majority of the victims of war and armed conflicts are women and children. Therefore women are the ones who have to put up with huge burden of conflict. However, when it comes to expressing one’s feelings in matters of war and peace, they are ignored. This can be seen in positions of power and influence.

Besides reeling under the burden of war, women also have to ensure family livelihoods in the midst of turmoil and destruction. They are also actively involved in various peace movements and try to cultivate peace within their community. In this scenario, it is inevitable to have women at the peace negotiating table. It is time now to have gender equality at the peace negotiating table and women should be given fair chance to have their say.

Haiti’s UEH University still at ruins after two years of the Earthquake

It’s been two long years since the devastating earthquake ripped Haiti and destroyed millions of lives and properties. However, even after two long years the University of the State of Haiti (Université d’Etat d’Haïti or UEH) has still not been reconstructed even though proposals have been written and consortiums have been organized many a times. There have been talks with Foreign Delegations regarding rebuilding of the University along with a proposal for a university campus that will bring together the entire 11 faculties under one campus. This dream has still not seen the light of the day.

The challenge of reconstruction and rebuilding the university is vital for it will assure a better future for the next generation.

The challenge of reconstruction and rebuilding the university is vital for it will assure a better future for the next generation.

UEH is the oldest and a central institution of higher learning in Haiti. The condition of this institution at the moment is pitiable where faculties are tucked into very hot shacks and it is nearly impossible for the faculties to hear the professors who are shouting at the top of their voice to make them audible.  This is only posing a threat to Haiti’s future as the oldest institution of learning is not given importance by the Haitian government.

380 students and 50 professors and the administrative staff of UEH lost their lives in the destructive earthquake and many more disappeared. The challenge of reconstruction and rebuilding the university is vital for it will assure a better future for the next generation.

U.S exploding prison population

Due to budget constraint in addition with escalating prison population, several U.S states are thinking of altering their criminal codes. This problem is also being faced by various states in the South. Keeping this in mind, altogether 15 states have enacted changes and the rest are also thinking of doing the same very soon.

Mainly the increasing prison population is due to the drug addicts

Changes in criminal codes have come in the form of reduction or elimination of prison times. This will be applied for some property and drug crimes. Also it has been proposed that the drug addicts will get treatment instead of putting them in jail. In this scenario, states which have already reduced prison time include Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Prison time however has been eliminated or reduced for parole and prison violations. Instead of longer prison times now the perpetrator will be doing community services and the like. These sentences will be applicable for low-level, low-risk delinquents.

Mainly the increasing prison population is due to the drug addicts. The war on drugs by the U.S states has put many drug offenders behind bars and also many low-level offenders are occupying almost 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. This is a good step and the reforms will help the country in the right direction to recover from its exploding prison populations.

Mexico’s fight with deadly antibiotics

Authorities in Mexico are going to address a grave problem as regards food in Mexico. In Mexico and in many other countries in America, foods such as beef and orange juice form a major part of the diet. However, lately traces of antibiotics and fungicides are found in these food items and this is creating a health risk for the populace.

Lately traces of antibiotics and fungicides are found in the food items and this is creating a health risk for the populace.

In order to address the problem, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a major step on the month of January. It announces that starting from the month of April, 2012 there will be zero use of ‘extra label’ or unapproved cephalosporin antimicrobial drugs in cattle, swine, chickens and turkeys. In this way, Mexico will ultimately do away with the use of antimicrobial drugs if Mexico wants to export its products to U.S. markets and the like. Mention may be made here that, in U.S. President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) in the month of January, 2011. Under this law, a foreign supplier verification law was created which will require the importers to check the imported products for assurance that no adulterated or misbranded products are imported into the country. This is in compliance with the safety standards.

To prevent bacterial infections, cattle in Mexico receive large doses of antibiotics. Antibiotics such as penicillin, tetracycline and cephalosporin are injected in cattle which make them health risky for consumption. Among the antibiotics the most widely used is tetracycline in the year 2009 (4.6 million kg). To adopt the practice of healthy eating, Mexico’s ministry of agriculture has now taken a step for good livestock practices. They have a manual for such practices as raising beef in feedlots. This proposes to use only registered medications. Additionally, approved combinations of medicines are not allowed to use and also in case of treating any specific disease use of narrow spectrum antibiotics are advised. In addition to this, the National Animal Identification System provides complete traceability of animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, horses, swine and bees and also products.

Kashmir’s battle with drugs

A decade of using drugs such as brown sugar and codeine has put youths of Kashmir to the doors of drug de-addiction centre. The people of Kashmir have suffered for two decades the fighting between the Indian army and the militants. The impact of the long-drawn clash is now showing its ugly heads. There is a drastic rise in drug abuse in the Valley. Though Kashmir was facing drug abuse before also like opium and cannabis however, at present times, people have increasingly turned to medical opiates that are illegally sold by the chemist. The problem of drug abuse has now been emerging as a real threat to the society.

There is a drastic rise in drug abuse in the Valley

Various factors are at play which force the youths to take to drugs to ease their stress. Factors such as unsuccessful relationship, failure in exam and unemployment however are the three most common grounds for the youths to get dependent on drugs. The victim’s personal problem clash with the society’s psyche which aggravate the situation and force the victim to get addicted.

Increase in the number of drug abusers can be seen from the fact that approximately 10,000 patients visit the government mental hospital per year. This number is a stark rise compared to the year 1989 when barely 2000 patients use to visit the hospital. The number of hospitals in the Valley is very less compared to the drug addicts. This delay is only pushing more patients into more drugs with no hope of recovering and guidance.