Child Labor in Zambia

Zambia is one of the largest countries in Africa. There are nearly 12 million people living in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia. The populace of Zambia is facing numerous problems each day from poverty to child labor to the huge numbers of orphans in the country. Child labor is a curse in any country as it is a deep rooted problem, which is also the root of many other problems like poverty. Due to parental poverty almost 1/3rd of the children in Zambia are working as hawkers in the streets and in markets along with indulging in many other deplorable works. When the children should be going to school at the tender age, they are instead working to support their family.

Zambia heavily depends on mining industry and most children are forced into worst form of child labor.

The future of any country depends on its children and by looking at the condition of the millions of children in Zambia the keys to Zambia’s future can well be foreseen. Zambia’s children can be found working in various sites, like digging wells and garbage, fetching water, domestic chores, cooking local dishes in the market, carpentry, cutting glass, picking bottles etc. But the area of concern which is most prevalent in Zambia is child prostitution. Children are forced into prostitution with lure of easy money. Because of child prostitution the problem of STDs and HIV/AIDS are looming large in the country. With the lure of easy money and lack of food, these children often knowingly or unknowingly put themselves in danger and they cannot even negotiate for protected sexual practices.

Zambia heavily depends on mining industry and most children are forced into worst form of child labor. The rights of these children are compromised when they are forced out of school. Girls are mostly used as domestic servants, which made them vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation. Child labor not only destroys the future of the children but it also exposes them to severe health problems. For children working as domestic laborers, psychological hazards like isolation, exploitation and abuse puts them in dangerous situations. And for children who are working as industrial workers injuries, chronic back pain, infertility, IQ reduction are some of the hazards which they may face as long term effects.


Belgium has become the favored destination of Child Prostitution

Belgium is one of the most vibrant economies both in Europe and worldwide and possibly is one of the freest countries in the world when it comes to the moral freedom front. Gays and lesbians enjoy equal rights as heterosexuals and Euthanasia was recognized and legalized as early as 2002. Despite being a country where medieval era seems to be the backdrop of contemporary beauty, an undercurrent of gloom in the form of child prostitution plagues the nation.

There has been an escalating demand in Belgium’s child prostitution and it has turned into a “favored destination” for modern day sex slaves. The victims are from Belgium’s former African colonies and Eastern Europe.

According to Patsy Sorensen, Belgium’s leading campaigner against child prostitution, “More and more traffickers go to schools to find youngsters, especially in Eastern Europe. The girls are 14, 15 and 16 years of age but, after working for a year as a prostitute, they look like they are 21. They are vulnerable, afraid and lack the maturity to defend themselves”. It is tricky to unearth the degree of child prostitution taking place; since children are victimized in their homes itself and they never speak up because they feel too much disgrace and guilt for no fault of their own. Unable to bear the humiliation, the victims run away from their homes and start living in the streets.  Soon afterwards, prostitution remains the only way for them to earn a living. However, older children do admit their involvement in prostitution. They are then given assistance by NGOs.

The figures of sex trafficking victims are rising every year. Also sufferers of such inhuman acts later get addicted to cocaine, gambling, and heroine etc.   A great number of children are vanishing every year and they end up in child prostitution because they are just right targets for traffickers. These victims are truly in a susceptible position.