Science – With Fewer Resources, Violence and Society Breakdown Could Occur

Science – With Fewer Resources, Violence and Society Breakdown Could Occur

Reports continue to discuss the risk that too many natural resources are being used and that, ultimately, there are fewer resources available. This pushes consumers and businesses alike to higher levels of stress. It increases the risk of more disasters and, as a result, the potential for violence. World leaders must embrace the need for regulation as well as the need to recognize the true level of natural resource depletion as it currently exists so that solutions can be found.

Weather Pattern Changes

In some reports, there is enough information to suggest that personal disputes and civil conflicts are growing. And, there is a link between these increases and the changing weather patterns occurring around the world. In other words, weather changes due to climate change could continue to spur more problems and stresses on the world as a whole. This could lead to significant problems for all people in virtually all areas.

How Can This Be?

A study was conducted that provided information that shows more than 60 individual accounts in which personal conflicts and wider conflicts increase when there is a significant change to weather patterns in a given area. This may include droughts, temperature increases, or heavier, more damaging storm activity. This does not have to be a significant, ice-age proportion event either. Evidence indicates that even moderate shifts from the normal range of temperature could spur problems for people. An increase of 2C in the global temperature, for example, could cause a 50 per cent increase in the amount of major (not small) violent conflicts occurring in the world. This could even include the number of civil wars taking place.

What Does the Future Hold?

Keeping in mind that this risk is present it is also important for world leaders to react now and take steps to curb the use and overuse of natural resources. By finding ways to reduce the risk of climate change, it may be possible to ward off some of these increases in violence. While this may not seem like an important reason to make such changes, it is an area of climate control and science that most people do not realize. As a result, more people than ever are at risk for significant shifts in violence should the increase in global temperatures or the availability of water continue to worsen around the world. World leaders need to respond and take steps to reduce these risks overall.

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